P.U.R.E. ‚ÄčTeam Members

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Cindy "Geisha" Knepp


Cindy has been investigating the paranormal for over 5 years. Her interest started at a young age, and only grew over time. Cindy has investigated many locations and businesses. Her hobbies include photography and design.

Rebecca "Church" Bryant 

Founder/Part-Time Member

Rebecca has been 

Brandon "Wolf" Hanna

Senior Member

Brandon has been investigation the paranormal for over 

Amanda "Kitten" Flaherty

Senior Member

Amanda has always been interested in the paranormal, even from a young age. She has been investigation for over 5 years, Her and her little brother would always watch A Haunting every Saturday.

Brittany "Phoenix" Scheidegger

Senior Member

Brittany has been investigating the paranormal for over 5 years. She has had several experiences over the years and feels a deep connection the spirit world.

Lacey Hebblethwaite


Lacey has

Jonathan "Bane"  Scheidegger


Jon has had an interest in the paranormal since a young age.  This is partly due to his own experiences as well as from experiences his close family has related to him as he was growing up.  He has been part of an investigation team in the past but took a long hiatus...until now.  Now he is back and ready to be part of the paranormal field again./-

Tony "" Knott


Tony started with an interest in the paranormal from a young age after learning about personal experiences from his parents and reading about famous haunting accounts, which grew into a desire to see and learn more in the paranormal field and learn more about what is out there.